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artist statement

My art - spanning nature scenes, abstractions and portraits - is deeply inspired by the universal elements of the human experience, resonating across cultures and time. Feelings, stages of life, the quest for meaning, the energy of the feminine,  and connection to the natural world, are all themes that move me, and therefore, my art. 

Through emotional encounters with art, I invite viewers to embrace topics like environmentalism, healing, and self-awareness as pathways to personal and collective growth.

As a result of my work, I aim to inspire positive action, and foster compassion and empathy.

about me

Mariel Sol is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Buenos Aires. After flourishing in Israel for over a decade, she found her home in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

As an independently developed artist, her skills have been honed through a wide array of experiences. While Mariel's engagement with art has been lifelong, it was during the pandemic that she dedicated herself to a consistent and focused practice, which led her to prolifically deepen her exploration and expression in the visual arts.

Mariel’s background as a singer-songwriter, healing practitioner, and intuitive writer profoundly informs her work as a visual artist. This is evident in her multidimensional pieces, which seamlessly integrate imagery with poetry and, at times, sound.

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about my work & the creative process

I enjoy the freedom of mixed media, alternating with and integrating paper collage, found materials, natural earth-based oil and watercolor paints, plant-based acrylics, graphite, and oil pastels. 


My internal creative process varies from piece to piece. A piece may start with an idea, concept, topic or question that comes to me through the events in my life at a specific time. I then meditate on it, and visualize an image. Differently, in some pieces, I might just invite a color to guide me to a shape, which later develops and evolves into a combination of colors and materials. I try my best not to get in the way of intuition when it comes to creativity. The creations I'm most happy with come along when I let myself explore and release control. At times, I experience a state of ecstatic thrill while making art: dance, rhythm, song and joy may happen simultaneously while applying paint to the canvas. 

When I weave in my background as an intuitive writer, singer-songwriter, and sound & energy healing practitioner, a visual piece then morphs into a multidimensional experience, accompanied by a poem, soundscape, song, or written message. Each of these pieces hold information for the viewer, and can serve as a catalyst for them to relate deeply to their own inner wisdom.

As an environmental activist and throughout my journey with paint, I became aware of the damaging effects of acrylic, petroleum, and chemical products used by our industry on our ecosystem. After much research and experimenting, I am now in the midst of a full transition to earth-based paints and materials in order to align my medium with my mission and reimagine art-making as a connection between humans and nature.  

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