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The oracle of awakening

Each work of art is multi-dimensional, composed of an image, a poem, and an intuitive written missive.  Each piece has a message for you, whether you are called by the image, the name, or the words - it's coming to tell you something you need to hear. 

Astral navigator

“The sky's the limit when it comes to expression.
Dive into navigating the waters of infinity."

Astral Navigator.jpg
The Jump.jpeg

the jump

"Jump into the unknown and the uncomfortable.

It's the only way to grow and transcend the ordinary."


“Drink from your instinct and you will walk the path of Truth, which has the strength of the tiger and the magnificence of the bee.”

Instinct sm.jpeg
Inner Child edited_edited.jpg

inner child

"Your inner child is calling for your attention. Give them the listening and compassion

you would give to a child you love"


“Where to turn when there seem to be infinite paths? When confusion reigns, orientation leads within."

The Eye.jpg

the eye

"How are you seeing your life?

What is your eye telling you?

Is your view wide, happy and true?

Take a look!"


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