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"Music is like food.
When you need it
you don't have to explain why,

because it is basic to life."

Sacred sound & Hands-on energy work is the integration of different healing modalities including sound healing, and light touch in order to mobilize the energy in the body.

Every atom, molecule, and subparticle vibrates. Any vibration creates a sound. Everything in the universe has a frequency and vibrates, and therefore emits a sound. As our bodies vibrate, we are also surrounded by a constant vibrating and sounding environment. Most of us spend our lives unaware of the sounds that surround us - and even though our bodies have the natural quality of self-regulation - all sounds that we hear (and even ones we don’t hear) have an affect on our bodies and psyche. This is how we end up exposed to unnatural vibrating sound pollutants like traffic noise, computers, phones, wi fi, or the honking of a large truck horn. Even when we do take note of these sound contaminants that create stress-related conditions (such as anxiety, muscle tension, insomnia, or high blood pressure just to name a few) many times we feel powerless to do anything about them.

Our atoms, molecules, cells, glands and organs all have a natural resonant frequency that can get "out of tune". We can consciously "tune up" in sound nutrients through Sacred sound work.

The concept of sound as an alternative means of healing, has a history of thousands of years in early civilizations. Ancient societies often looked upon sound as something sacred. It was taught that rhythm could affect changes in physical states, melody to alter emotional and mental states, and harmony could be used to lift consciousness to stimulate spiritual awareness. Nowadays, the use of sound healing or Sound-based therapies, has been growing for the general public within the last few years, following  scientific research. Physicians are starting to recognize the impact of subtle energy systems that can help a person heal and feel more balanced with their life functioning.

If an imbalance occurs within a body's normal constitution,  

sound can help restore equilibrium, alleviate pain, and accelerate healing. 

Using sound this way, has proved to relax our nervous system, enhance our state of mind, and improve the function of our immune system. It supports with better sleep, pain relief, brings us in tune with ourselves and uplifts our vibration and spirit. In other words, when we flow in harmonic vibration, we connect with the sacred nature of what we are. As we work with the subtler energy frequencies of sound, the hands-on work integrates a tangible dimension to the work.

As babies, at some point many of us were held by loving hands and rocked with a humming nursery rhyme. That basic, instinctive soothing gesture is the core of the healing quality of touch. To this, added extensive research on the human anatomy and its positive response to different somatic modalities, have proved - in my personal view - a powerful healing medium. With a background in Reiki and Polarity Therapy - a unique wellness practice based in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, which involves touch- my hands support and promote the flow of life energy throughout the body. 

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