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The private sessions are tailored to the need of the client on the day of the session, and can include a combination of breath work, vocal toning, medicine melodies, chimes, south american ceremonial maracas, Biosonics tuning forks, native American double drone flute, singing bowls, reiki and hands-on bodywork.


A session starts with a health background intake, in order to address your goals with this work, and your concerns. During the session you will be invited to lie down and immerse in vibrations created by these special instruments. Throughout the session, different instruments are carried around the room and sometimes placed physically on the body. Flute and voice are used to create a musical journey.

The hands-on bodywork includes a combination of hovering above the body, very light and firm pressure contacts, gentle rocking and stretching. 

In the course of a session, some people experience waves or currents of energy throughout their body, a deep meditative state, a rise of emotions, involuntary tweaks, shakes, or sudden movements of the body. Other people fall into deep sleep, or may not be aware of sensations. All of these experiences are perfectly fine, and there is no expectation on what a person "should" feel. There are no right or wrongs in the process. Each person is unique, and one of the most important parts of healing, is to allow the intelligence of the body to begin the process, with no judgment of the mind. 


Since the work occurs at a deeper level of consciousness, calibration of the body and energy field happens even when we cannot consciously perceive it or explain it. Stagnant energy and tension accumulated in the body dissolve, releasing stress and anxiety, and increasing focus clarity and insight.

First session is 90 minutes, following sessions 75 minutes. 


Music Journey
& Mandala Making


The Integrative Self-Series (ISS), is a series of ten private sessions which provide a multi-disciplinary and creative approach to healing and self-discovery.

Each session is unique and different, and as it is dedicated to address the present emotional, mental or physical challenges that might be now affecting your well-being, it also takes part of a bigger process that develops and uncovers throughout the course of the series. 

The ISS is designed for you to experience an array of different therapeutic modalities. To some of them, you may feel more reactive than others. From some of the sessions you might come out refreshed and relaxed, and from others you might end up feeling inspired, in awe, or even confused. All this, is part of a healing process. The series are a wonderful way to allow yourself to receive answers you've been longing for, to accompany and support you through processes like grieving, forgiveness, illness, and to submerge yourself in a healing journey. 

Included in the ISS:

  • Sacred Sound & Hands-on Energy sessions

  • Sound Guided Meditations 

  • Tuning Forks session

  • Music Evoked Imagery & Mandala Making

  • Mantra, Chakras, and Medicine Melodies session

  • Creation of a customized Mantra for you and your current situation

  • Integrative Sound healing bath

First session is 90 minutes, following 9 sessions, 75 minutes. 


Group workshops and retreats are great for participants that want to engage in the experience of sound as a healing agent, and to take home practical sounding exercises for self-relaxation, grounding, and energy cleansing. We sing together, and take part of a collective sound where there is no judgment.  In the group sessions we work with partners, and take turns as healers and receivers, so we get to experience our own potential to heal and be healed.

Workshops & retreats can include:

  • Sound Guided Meditations

  • Hands-on work experiencing

  • Music Evoked Imagery & Mandala Making

  • Mantra and Medicine Melodies chanting

  • Chakra Balancing Sound Practice

  • Opening & Integration Rituals

Retreats can be thematic, and the activities can be customized to fit the need of the hosting program. If you'd like to host a workshop or retreat, please feel free to reach out through the contact page in this website.

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