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about sound healing

Sound and music have been used as tools for healing and transformation throughout the ages by native people from around the world. Today, there is scientific research supporting the vibration of sound as a form of energy healing, to address physical, neurological, and/or emotional ailments. When sound frequencies are applied in a therapeutic context, they have the ability to support the body in transforming the congestion of energy, and restoring its natural balance. 

During a private session of sacred sound and energy work, you will be invited to lie down and immerse in vibrations created by special instruments. Throughout the session, different instruments are carried around the room and sometimes placed physically on the body. 

The hands-on bodywork includes a combination of hovering above the body, very light and firm pressure contacts, gentle rocking and stretching. 

sacred sound & hands-on energy work
(in a nutshell)

Clients that experienced sessions, have expressed relief from conditions including anxiety, stress, pain, insomnia, and fatigue. It has proven wonderful results as complement to medical treatments such as alleviating the side effects from chemotherapy. In my own practice, I've seen immediate improvement while working with people with severe scoliosis, pain, swelling, and creativity blockages.

My service and commitment, is to offer a supportive space, whether facilitating private sessions or group workshops, where you can align and restore your subtle self to its own natural equilibrium. It's a matter of listening, and allowing the energy flow

for a profound healing process to take place, and for sustainable wellness in your everyday life. 

About me

My relationship with sound and music started at a very young age. Full of play and joy, I immersed myself in the harmonies and melodies of a local children's choir and flute lessons in my native Buenos Aires. With time, singing, playing, studying and exploring music and voice, evolved into performing, recording, and coaching others. At some point, I realized that my multi-cultural background (Argentina-Ecuador-Israel-US), and my travels to perform in so many different places around the world, were aligned with music as a universal language, and a connecting force.


I was always aware that there was "something powerful" happening when people were submerged in music and sound. In my performances, I saw that music would pull people together, it would open up their hearts, and it would bring up deep emotions. Inspired to understand why and how that was happening, and yearning for more in my own journey with music, I chose to delve deeper into the core of sound. That was when the healing work opened up to me. 

I began to train in Sound & Music healing modalities in NYC. Learning from the best teachers and healers in the field, I came to comprehend many of the therapeutic applications of sound; the physical, mental and emotional benefits of the work; as well as gratefully embracing the mystic wisdom of the traditional healers that had been using the power of sound to improve the everyday life of their communities since ancient times. 

After completing my Sound & Music Practitioner certification, I felt called to explore ways to use my hands to support the body at a more physical level. I pursued this and trained further in Polarity Therapy and Reiki. Through this education, I found that the integration of sound, music, and hands-on work were, for me, the ultimate combination for healing. 

I have my private practice in Newburgh and New Paltz, NY, where I use my voice, native and sound healing instruments, and my hands to support people on their healing journey. I have worked with clients dealing with conditions including pain, anxiety, stress, cancer, fatigue, recovery from surgery and childbirth.

The benefit spectrum is very wide - people's experiences range from improved sleep and decreased pain, to creative breakthroughs, restoring healthy digestion, and feelings of integration, wholeness, and peace.


"My session with Mariel was amazing! My back pain went away completely in only one session. It was unlike anything else I have experienced. I felt so much lighter and calmer after the session, and even my eczema got better as a result of our session. I highly recommend her!"

Sharon A. - Microbiologist

"Mariel is a true healer. She's an incredible listener, so the intake alone was a powerful experience. And from there--it only got better.  As someone new to the energy healing world, I didn't know what to expect. Mariel explained everything, made me comfortable, and in each session found different ways of helping to address both the physical and emotional matters that brought me in to see her. I'm so grateful for the experience and highly recommend it to others as well!"

Rachel I. -  Social entrepreneur

"I've had chronic pain in my whole body for as long as I can remember.  Mariel was able to put me in a state where the pain just wasn't there.  Her methods were relaxing and soothing and showed me it's possible for the pain to disappear."

Brendon N. - Sr. Associate Director at NYC Health + Hospitals

"Mariel Sol's work is that of a true healer.

Her calming presence and attention to detail has you feeling that she is totally in tune with your body during a session. As someone who has had chronic back pain and herniated discs, it has been hard to find body work that does more than superficial healing.

Mariel's sessions, unlike other practitioners I've seen, was relaxing and healing in a way that brought peace of mind and ease to my whole body. The use of Reiki and sound healing methods takes you to a new level of relaxation and connection to what your body needs. I have tried every type of healing one can imagine from physical therapy to acupuncture, but Mariel's work brings a fresh take on what it means to heal. I highly recommend working with Mariel if you want an intensely relaxing experience where you get clarity and connection to your body in a new way."

Susanna N. - Architectural Designer

"What I experienced in working with Mariel was a deep sense of peace and wholeness.

She gently guided my body to release the unnecessary energies that held tension.

From the start, I felt safe and at ease in the hands of an expert."

Vicki K.N. - Life & Wellness Coach

"I got to Mariel after months of suffering, stress, insomnia, creative blocks, a variety of body aches, and above all, bad mood. On our first session, it took me 10 minutes to understand that I was experiencing a transition between a conflictive situation, to a feeling of peace, comfort, and love. I uphold that a large portion of the success that I achieved on my family and professional fields, I owe to Mariel. Likewise, the sessions helped me to develop a physical awareness that led me to set in motion a new way to relate to my body.

Mariel provided me with the space that I needed, to create for myself a new way of thinking and believing.

People around me, are also grateful to Mariel."

Caio M. - Wood Work Designer

"Amazing workshop! I walked in with no preconceived notions of what I would experience, but left feeling relaxed, happy, and light of spirit. Before the workshop started I was having upper back pain and knee pain, and when the workshop was completed, the pain that had been plaguing me had dissipated. "

Kate W. - Yoga instructor

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